Hearos Ear Plugs, Reusable

Hearos Ear Plugs, Reusable

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Hearos Ear Plugs, Reusable

The F4 Series is the first of many new reusable and washable ear plugs from DAP Safety. The F4 features an impactful 2 dome plus 2 disk flange design for comfort and protection.

Material: Plastic 

Color: Electric Blue


Comes in a small bag of 2 earplugs, one for each ear


How to Use

  1. Lift: Using one hand, gently lift top of ear up to expand ear canal.
  2. Guide: With other hand, use stem to guide ear plug into a comfortable position. If necessary, adjust ear plug for enhanced seal.
  3. Clean: Wash with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly before re-insertion into ear.
  4. Observe: If ear plug becomes cut, cracked or unpliable, replace with a new Hearos F4 eag plug. 

Made in the USA

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